Plastic bags are another concerning issue. Over 1 trillion plastic bags are produced in the world each year. We use them for everything – from carrying groceries, to packing beauty products in our luggage, to storing foods in our refrigerator, and they have made our life much more convenient. Yet, the price for this convenience is astounding. The infographic below, produced by Arte IDEAS, will give you an idea of the impact plastic bags have on the environment. The impact of plastic has been most detrimental to the world’s waterways. Environmental organizations estimate that about 7 million tons of plastic end up in the seas and oceans each year, polluting beaches even on islands, killing off precious and rare native species.

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Top 10 Recycling Countries From Around the World

1) Austria

Austria sits with the highest recycling rate out of any country in the world: 63 percent of all waste is diverted from landfills. As recycling programs have evolved, Austria’s overall performance in terms of municipal solid waste recycling has been stable and at a very high level for the past decade, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

2) Germany

Germany isn’t too far behind Austria. Germany sends 62 percent of its waste through the close-loop process, keeping it from landfills.

3) Taiwan

Taiwan is keeping pace, hitting the top margin with a 60 percent success rate of recycling.

4) Egypt

Zaballeen people in Cairo, Egypt, reflects even greater success than the aforementioned locations. With a metropolitan comprised of 60,000 people, you may be surprised to discover that the word Zaballeen is Arabic for “garbage people.”

5) Brazil

Brazil recently broke global records for its aluminum recycling.

6) Singapore

Singapore, sending 59 percent of its trash to be reused and recycled.

7) South Korea

South Korea recycles 49 percent of tossed goods

8) United Kingdom

The United Kingdom hits the 39 percent mark with that percentage going into recycling.

9) Italy

Italy following closely behind United Kingdom.

10) France

France following closely behind with 35 percent

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